Monday, February 7, 2011

So 2 sick kids and an infant later...

Mommy is tired...Both my girls have been sick and trying to keep the baby away from them is a very difficult job. As cute as it is that my one year old is insanely in love with her brother its awful and trying to keep her from him. People who say that being a stay at home mom is an easy job has obviously never been one. Being a mom is hard work. It is yes physically demanding at times but i think even more emotionally demanding. I wake up every morning thinking instantly how i have to get them fed, changed and try to do dishes and my MILLIONS of piles of laundry all before nap. Because nap time is the only time i get to FOLD laundry because i have lots of little helping hands around here :)! I put all my energy into trying to figure out what they want and what the need from me. The guilt that comes along with it can at times be overwhelming. I'm nursing the baby and my four year old instantly needs something or wants to play a game with me or my one year old will need a diaper change. I have to remember that i have to take each minuet at a time and breath. Because at the end of the day if they are fed, healthy and not bleeding...its been a good day. I sometimes apologize to my hubby for not having the house completely clean all the time and he says " as long as i come home and my kiddos are alive, thats all i care about" and THANK God for that! So yeah laundry can wait...lets play!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New baby, new love!

So as I'm sitting here early on this Sunday morning, sleep deprived, I'm still finding myself extremely blessed! My three little monkeys(as I like to call them) are either running around playing or snoozing!! November 20th my incredible husband and i finally were able to introduce our first son, Austin Jay, to the world! Although the little guy has no idea what's ahead of him with 2 older sisters, I'm sure they will get along just fine! Our older 2 already love him so much and are so sweet with him. Even our one year old wild aubrie! Our 4 yr old Mackenzie is a little mommy and my big helper!! Life around here is def busier but it's also filled with more smiles, laughs and now coos! I'm slowly starting to feel back to my normal self and therefore slowly getting my camera back out! Right before I had him I had all these visions and dreams of all these newborn pictures I would take of him, not so much! Exhaustion and being so busy def took over!! I will try and post pics soon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last week i had the great opportunity to see old friends and meet their newest bundle of joy! She was beautiful and was loved to death by her two older brothers. Here is just a sneak at their at home session :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding on wheels...

Yes, thats right...poor Nate got into an accident two days prior to the wedding and broke both his feet. None the less, that did not stop their special day going off without a hitch. It was exciting to see how Liz jumped right into her role of being a wife by taking care of her husband as he got pushed around in his wheel chair by her. You could feel the love they have for each other just by being in the same room with them. Its as if it radiated of their skin. So here is a sneak peek of the two love birds....enjoy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

365 BREAK was needed!

OK, so i was challenged to do a photo challenge where you take one picture a day and post it to FLICKR. I was LOVING it and having so much fun but than...i got pregnant with my third. I was SOO sick and exhausted that doing anything on the computer seemed like the hardest task in the world. So i knew i had to give up a couple things for a couple weeks so i could rest. Well now as i'm about to start my second trimester soon i'm feeling a little more human again, THANK GOD! I'm still pretty tired but the sickness has pretty much faded for the most part. I am thinking that its time i get myself back into the challenge and start off where i left off. So today should be number 81 for me. I have learned in life that its ok to fail at something as long as you can say that you tried...and even though i was pretty disappointed in myself for not keeping up with it, i know i needed to take care of myself and "baby it" first. Anyhow, here is my 81.

Anthony and Emily looking forward to baby!

So a couple weeks ago on a wednesday night i received and email from someone asking if they could do a last minuet photo shoot because his wife could have the baby in a couple of course YES! I was so excited! We met in a beautiful secluded garden with beautiful flowers and gazebo and an even more beautiful couple. They are the kinda couple you pray to God for when your about to go to a shoot. They just gravitate to each other so much and move with one another so that i barely had to tell them to do anything. They just hugged and kissed and talked to the baby, it was so sweet. Thank God we got the shoot in because a week later, there she was a beautiful baby girl!! There is nothing sweeter than watching a couple as they anxiously wait for the arrival of their first baby. It was great as you watched Anthony talk to the baby and how he held up his tired wife Emily and the way she just leaned onto him for comfort. Its why i love doing this. I get to be apart of such a special and memorable time in peoples lives.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Family Time.

I LOVE to meet new people and for just a few hours be apart of their lives. I had such a great time last weekend shooting the pictures for this beautiful family. They were all so fun to work with. The kiddos were so well behaved and that always makes things a little easier. We met in a beautiful location in Princeton, NJ. I was honored when i received the call saying that they saw my pictures from another shoot and wanted me...ME to take their family pictures. Once again, i pinch myself knowing that my dreams really are coming true! Here is a sneak peek, hope you enjoy!