Monday, February 7, 2011

So 2 sick kids and an infant later...

Mommy is tired...Both my girls have been sick and trying to keep the baby away from them is a very difficult job. As cute as it is that my one year old is insanely in love with her brother its awful and trying to keep her from him. People who say that being a stay at home mom is an easy job has obviously never been one. Being a mom is hard work. It is yes physically demanding at times but i think even more emotionally demanding. I wake up every morning thinking instantly how i have to get them fed, changed and try to do dishes and my MILLIONS of piles of laundry all before nap. Because nap time is the only time i get to FOLD laundry because i have lots of little helping hands around here :)! I put all my energy into trying to figure out what they want and what the need from me. The guilt that comes along with it can at times be overwhelming. I'm nursing the baby and my four year old instantly needs something or wants to play a game with me or my one year old will need a diaper change. I have to remember that i have to take each minuet at a time and breath. Because at the end of the day if they are fed, healthy and not bleeding...its been a good day. I sometimes apologize to my hubby for not having the house completely clean all the time and he says " as long as i come home and my kiddos are alive, thats all i care about" and THANK God for that! So yeah laundry can wait...lets play!

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