Friday, May 14, 2010

365 BREAK was needed!

OK, so i was challenged to do a photo challenge where you take one picture a day and post it to FLICKR. I was LOVING it and having so much fun but than...i got pregnant with my third. I was SOO sick and exhausted that doing anything on the computer seemed like the hardest task in the world. So i knew i had to give up a couple things for a couple weeks so i could rest. Well now as i'm about to start my second trimester soon i'm feeling a little more human again, THANK GOD! I'm still pretty tired but the sickness has pretty much faded for the most part. I am thinking that its time i get myself back into the challenge and start off where i left off. So today should be number 81 for me. I have learned in life that its ok to fail at something as long as you can say that you tried...and even though i was pretty disappointed in myself for not keeping up with it, i know i needed to take care of myself and "baby it" first. Anyhow, here is my 81.

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